What do you have to be thankful for?

No matter what is going on in your life just remember that you always have things to be thankful for and as a Christian we all have a few things in common to be thankful for. Not just on Thanksgiving but every day of our lives.

As a Christian I am thankful that I worship a merciful God. So merciful that He sent his only Son to pay the ultimate price for my sin. Jesus paid the debt that I owed. I debt that I could never have repaid myself. Jesus took that burden from Me and and placed it upon himself. Not because He had to or because we deserved it. He did it because He loves us that much. Now that’s something to be truly thankful for.

I am thankful for many other things but that is always at the top of my list because without that nothing else would matter. With God’s love and mercy we are able to be thankful for all the other things in our lives.

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