Meet The Pastor

About Jeremy Roberts

When I was first called to serve God, more than 19 years ago, I had no idea what God had in store for me. I thought “Ok God is going to put me in a church to preach”. Not even close.

God’s plan was much larger…He wanted to send me two states away to give correction to some Churches. These churches were teaching tradition rather than God’s Word. So I packed up and off I went.

Fast forward to 2021 and God has called me for correction yet again. This time on a much MUCH larger scale. Too much tradition and corruption in today’s churches. Men and women proclaiming to be Godly men and women living in the lap of luxury chasing the dollar over the truth. God’s purpose in this website is not a hope of changing the churches but instead a hope of waking up the congregation. Opening their eyes to the actual truth so that they…you…can get to know the true God and come back to the old Truth.